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"Better, Faster, Cheaper"


HUTI company is dynamic and fast growing corporation with long term tradition and experiences.

Our activities within the company include export and import of textiles and other comodities such as rice.

We also extensively invest in real estate and developer projects.

From 1992 the company recorded business development. Because of our success in Slovakia we progressively expanded  our presence abroad to Hungary, Czech Republic and Vietnam. It is our intention to expand even more to the surrounding states in Europe and Asia in the near future.

In our visions and values, we always focus on quality of goods and value-add to services that we provide for our customers and business partners.

Besides business activities we cannot forget to mention our Vietnamese community in Slovakia. Yearly, we take part in organizing and sponsoring celebrations and events such as Lunar year celebrations or "Tet trung thu" for our community.

Since 2011 we also yearly organize and sponsor Golf tournament for the members of our golf club Vietnam-Slovakia. This event is being organized with the support of Vietnamese ambassador in Slovakia and in which participates Vietnamese business and social elite from Europe and Asia.